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Water Treatment Plant

The Newport Water Treatment Plant was built in 1992.  The treatment system consists of slow sand filtration followed by chlorination.  The treatment plant has consistently produced high quality water.

Newport Water Treatment PlantMap

Chlorine House Remodeling

In 2001, the Water Department completed work on upgrading our old chlorine house.  This building houses flow monitoring, process control, alarm, and corrosion control equipment.  

(Before and after photo comparison below.)

Old Chlorine House Remodeling

Gilman Pond

Gilman Pond has been the Town of Newports' water supply since 1894.  This beautiful lake is protected by a watershed protection program.

Gilman PondTodd Cartier
Photo courtesy of Kurt Laurie and Lori Schinck

Water Tank

A new one and one-half million (1,500,000) water tank was built in 2000, replacing the steel tank that was built in 1967.  The tank provides reserve water for more consistant system pressure, emergency supply and fire protection.

Water Tank