Pool Water Information

Is the cost the same?
Pool Water Information
Pool Water Usage Information

Do I pay the same per gallon for water that is used to fill my pool?

The Water Rate will remain the same for Water used to fill your pool.

IF the Town is notified prior to your pool filling and your household has Town Sewer Services, we will reduce your sewer gallons by the number of gallons it requires to fill your pool.

Here are average pool gallon(s) use (may vary on pool size):

  • Average Above Ground Pool -  13,000 gallons
  • Average Built-In Pool - 22,000 gallons
  • Average Childs Pool - 100 gallons

Please contact the Town of Newport Water & Sewer Billing Department at (603) 863-8006.

Rules and Regulation of the Newport Water Department
Adopted August 7, 1989 by the Board of Selectmen

RESTRICTION OF WATER USE The Department reserves the right, in period of drought or emergency or when deemed essential to the protection of the public health, safety and welfare, to restrict, curtail or prohibit the use of water for secondary purposes, such as sprinkling, car washing, or filling swimming pools, and shall have the right to fix the hours and periods when water may be used for such purposes.

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