Water Use & Meters

Amount of WaterActivityTime
90,000 GallonsAverage Residence1 Year
3 GallonsWashing Hands & FaceAverage
2 GallonsBrushing TeethAverage
8 GallonsShavingAverage
5 GallonsToiletAverage per Flush
50 GallonsShower10 Minutes
75 GallonsShower15 Minutes
40 GallonsBathAverage
0.6 GallonsDrinking WaterPer Person, Per Day
1 GallonWater for CookingPer Person, Per Day
20 GallonsWashing Dishes by HandAverage
15-20 GallonsAutomatic DishwasherPer Load
40 GallonsWashing MachinePer Load
30 GallonsWater Garden5 Minutes
60 GallonsHose Down Driveway10 Minutes
180 GallonsLawn Sprinkler30 Minutes
100 GallonsWash CarAverage
100 GallonsFill Child's Swimming PoolAverage
13,000 GallonsFill Above-Ground PoolAverage
22,000 GallonsFill Built-In PoolAverage
1,440 GallonsToilet LeakPer Day (1 Gallon per Minute)
70,000 GallonsOne 1/16" LeakPer Billing Period

Reading Your Water Meter:

Water Meter

A.  Wires — Wires from meter register to outside remote.

B.  Flow Indicator — Black triangle rotates when water is being used.

C.  Gallons Register — Red "clock" hand indicates gallon usage. Each revolution is ten gallons.

D.  Total Register — Black number on white background are units of thousand gallons.