Fire-EMS Division of Rescue Operations (subdivision of Fire Operations)

Newport Fire-EMS Division of Rescue Operations is a subdivision of the Division of Fire Operations and is primarily responsible for responding to technical rescue incidents. Rescue Operations responses include motor vehicle crashes, water rescues, search and rescue operations, rope rescue operations, and EMS calls requiring additional personnel. 

​In addition to technical rescue operations this section oversees the departments Rapid Intervention Team responses and training. Our members participate in additional training above and beyond the regular monthly training requirements to be able to provide this specialty service. In the event of a firefighter emergency the Rapid Intervention Team is tasked with providing rescue to that firefighter. Training includes specialty rescue techniques, packaging an injured firefighter, and firefighter survival.

​Rescue 1 is the primary response apparatus for special rescue emergencies. Rescue 1 is a rescue/pumper capable of providing fire suppression as needed. This piece of apparatus is equipped with a variety of technical rescue equipment such as vehicle extrication tools, rope rescue equipment, water rescue equipment, and more. Rescue 1 is also capable of providing Advanced Life Support response to medical calls requiring additional personnel or back-up calls to make patient contact.

​Engine 4​ is equipped to serve as a back-up response piece for rescue incidents and is equipped with vehicle extrication equipment. Engine 4 also serves as the departments Rapid Intervention Team response piece. Specialty equipment for rescuing trapped or injured firefighters is located on this apparatus. 

The department also carries limited rescue equipment on our ​Ladder 3 and ​Utility 7​.


Firefighters prying open car door