Division of Emergency Medical Services

Firefighter tending to man lying on floorThe Division of EMS at Newport Fire-EMS strives to provide the most advanced and up to date medical practices to our patients. We are a NH licensed Advanced Life Support transporting ambulance service. Our fleet is comprised of three Advanced Life Support capable ambulances and an Advanced Life Support capable rescue truck. We not only respond to calls for service within the town of Newport but also are the primary ambulance service for the town of Goshen.

The division is comprised of six full-time personnel and thirty one members on our call force. EMS calls that occur Monday through Friday from six AM to six PM are covered out of our main station by our full-time personnel and one per-Diem person on Mondays and Fridays. EMS calls that occur six PM to six AM and on weekends are covered by our call force out of our second station.

In order to provide the best care possible to our patients the members of the Division of EMS are constantly participating in continuing education classes to keep our skills at their best. We hold training the third Wednesday of every month providing our staff with the newest topics and techniques for providing care for both medical and trauma emergencies. Many of our members also continue to better themselves individually by attending classes, conferences, and lectures on their own time.