Police Department Values

In furtherance of our mission, we demonstrate our commitment to our profession and our residents by subscribing to the following values.


Integrity is defined as being honest, moral, upright, and sincere. Public trust can only exist with our integrity and respect for one another. The foundation of the Newport Police Department is the high level of integrity of its employees.

Commitment to Employees

The department recognizes that its employees are the vital component to the successful delivery of police services. We believe we can achieve our highest potential by actively involving our employees in problem solving and improving police services. We support an organizational climate of mutual trust and respect.

Community Partnership

Recognizing the fact that police agencies were established as a result of society's voluntary limitation of personal freedoms, we encourage and expect the participation of the community in facilitating solutions to problems of mutual concern. We, therefore, solicit and support contributions from all members of this community regardless of race, sex, creed, national origin or social status.

Community Sensitive Policing

Department members shall uphold laws in an ethical, impartial, courteous, and professional manner while respecting rights and dignity of all persons. We shall strive to achieve a balance between enforcement and community needs, which reflects both the spirit, and the letter of the law.


Recognizing the changing and diverse needs of the community, the Newport Police Department promotes and encourages a policy of professional and individual excellence, which is delivered and enhances by continuing education and training.

We realize fully that the expression of ideas is meaningless unless actively practiced. The integrity and professionalism demanded of members of the Newport Police Department shall ensure the proper, lawful and unbiased application of police powers.