3  Fire station doors open showing apparatus -  lit from the insideStation 1
Newport Fire-EMS Station 1 houses all of our fire apparatus and one ambulance. The station is manned 24 hours a day. Four of our full-time personnel, known as "Housemen", work 24 hour shifts on a schedule of one shift on three days off. The Chief works a Monday through Friday schedule. The last two of our full-time personnel work 12 hour day shifts with the Captain working Monday through Thursday and the day firefighter working Tuesday through Friday. All fire responses are covered from this station. EMS responses are covered during the day out of this station Monday through Friday as well as back-up EMS responses as needed.

Fire Dept. Patch Station 2
Newport Fire-EMS Station 2 houses two ambulances. EMS responses are covered by our call personnel out of this station on nights and weekends as well as back-up EMS responses as needed.