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NEW Water & Sewer Rates

Effective July 01, 2019

The water and sewer rates are as follows:
WATER RATE$ 9.41per 1,000 gals
SEWER RATE$12.85per 1,000 gals
TOTAL COMBINED RATE$22.26per 1,000 gals

The sewer consumption is based on water consumption.  Minimum bill is 3,000 gallons, water portion $28.23, sewer portion $38.55, for a total of $66.78.  For Industrial (high user) water rates:  Contact Billing at (603) 863-8006.

Water & Sewer Billing Schedule*Blank Calendar

BillingMeter Reading Month*Bills Mailed Month*
1st  BillingMarchApril
2nd BillingJulySeptember
3rd  BillingNovemberJanuary

*Billing schedule is followed as closely as possible.  Weather and other circumstances may cause changes to be made.

Flat Rate/Estimate/Average Usage

For Water & Sewer/per 4 months

# of PeopleGallonsWaterSewerTotal
1 7,000 65.87 89.95155.82
211,000 103.51141.35244.86

Over 6 people an additional 5,000-7,000 gallons per person.

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