Water Meter Cold Weather Preparedness

Know Your Meter & Establish a Safety Plan
Winter Weather Issues

Is your water meter ready for frigid winter temperatures?

As we ring in the New Year 2018, January is predicted to be extra chilly. Please take a minute to check your basement for drafts, or ensure your heat tape is working properly, lessing your chances of your pipes (and our water meter) do not freeze and break.

Water Meter  

All Town water meters have a frost plate on the bottom (as seen below), that is designed to break in the event of a freeze-up, and help protect your internal plumbing.

Water Meter Frost Plate

If you are not able to seal those drafts, or cannot repair the heat tape in time, keep your faucet running very slowly when its super cold, to minimize freeze-ups. However, you will be responsible for the water consumed. But, it is usually cheaper than the expensive plumbing bills!

This Notice brought to you by Newport Water Department, 863-4271.