Leaf Pickup & Disposal

Town fo Newport Leaf Pickup
Leaf Pickup

During the Fall Season, the Town of Newport Department Highway Department picks up bagged leaves in the downtown area generally in the months of:

  • OCTOBER (end of month)
  • NOVEMBER (beginning of month)



Leaf Pickup Schedule, 2020 (TBD):

All bagged leaves need to be placed in recyclable/compostable paper bags.

Leaf Recycle

Bagged leaves should be placed in a highly visable area at the end of your driveway or lawn abutting a Town sidewalk or Town road, prior to a scheduled Monday pickup beginning at 7:00 a.m.  Pickup dates can be found on the Town's website in the beginning of October, each year.   Leaf pickup is done generally for four to five consecutive weeks.  For more information call the Newport Public Works Department at 603-863-3650.

If you are not located in the downtown area for these leaf pickup services; the Newport Wastewater Treatment Plant will accept leaves from all Town residents at anytime throughout the year. 

We prefer that you bring them down in paper bags or in bulk.  We will accept them in plastic, but we ask that you please empty them out at the compost pile and you can either take the bags back with you or drop them off in our dumpster at the main control building.  We also ask that you please only bring in leaves, green waste, grass clippings and miscellaneous small brush when you are loading the bags.  We do not want any household trash or garbage in the bags when they are left here for disposal, there are dumpsters for that type of waste.  Please do not ruin the privilege for others.

Please call the plant at 863-4338 before you plan on coming down to drop them off, while we have regular hours (M-Fri 7:00-4:00 p.m.) we can be offsite or at a class and the compost pile would not be accessible to the public for disposal.

There is no charge for this privilege, we just ask that you empty out your plastic bags and please do not leave us with your trash.